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links for 2006-10-31

cheap and tiny // Video Review: Philips SPC200N. In which you get to watch my ugly deadpan face reviewing my new USB webcam. (tags: webcams tech video) Martin Luther. STR summarizes Luther’s life from Shelley’s “Church History in Plain Language.” (tags: faith history) Challies: Reformation Day Symposium (tags: faith) AppDelete: free Mac app uninstaller. (tags: […]

links for 2006-10-30

QTAmateur for MacOS X. Nice, free Quicktime utility with fullscreen playback and batch export. (tags: free apple video software) Reinventing HTML. Tim Berners-Lee talks about updating the HTML spec. (tags: markup standards) Sending XHTML as text/html Considered Harmful to Feelings. Rebuttal to “Sending XHTML as text/html Considered Harmful.” (tags: markup standards) DC Arts Jobs. Weblog […]

links for 2006-10-28

Remember Worries About Global Cooling? Newsweek re-evaluates its 1975 climate reporting in light of current science on global warming. (tags: weather news) American Social Hygiene Posters (tags: design history advertising) Melinika on differences between life in the US and life in Canada. (tags: usa canada culture) Safe as Houses? On the illusory nature of rising […]

Air and Space Museum Demotes Pluto: Update

More museum news for the Demote Pluto front: in addition to the removal of Pluto from the list of planet symbols, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Exploring the Planets exhibit has updated some of its solar system displays to clarify Pluto’s new status as a “Dwarf Planet,” and added an “In Memoriam” poster […]

Monument Wall

I took the day off from work yesterday to play tour guide to my niece* Sansan. Here she is, staring up at the face of the Washington Monument: More photos from yesterday here.

Note on Family Nomenclature

According to the Relatives Chart, the standard English label for a first cousin’s child would be “first cousin, once removed.” Filipinos, however, use the term “pamangkin” — preferably translated to English as “nephew” or “niece” — to clarify the generational removal, distinguishing cousins (“pinsan”) from their children, as well as from more distant relatives further […]

links for 2006-10-26

BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Pelican swallows pigeon in park. (tags: animals) Television Without Pity does Star Trek: The Motion Picture. (tags: startrek) Amazing Limb Salvage Surgery. I’m linking to Antifaust’s entry about the surgery as a safety queasy buffer so that you can click from there to the Unbounded Medicine […]

An Open Letter to on the Topic of Referrer Spam

Update, 11/16/2006: Pingdom responds. Please note also that JDCDesigns is innocent: Hello! Lately I’ve been noticing hits in my referrer logs from pages on which seem to be linking to my site, but when clicked through, do not actually exist. The false hits are coming from, which is a server on EV1 […]

Grits: Redux

I asked the question over four years ago. Since then, I’ve had a few bites, but now I’m going to take the Full Corn Plunge. That’s right, America! I’ve bought a can of grits! So how do I eat this? Is there some sort of ceremony or something? You don’t slice bananas and strawberries into […]

African Violet Wiggle

You’d think that with the unseasonable cold we’re having lately, my plants would hang back a bit on the flowering, but not this hardy African violet. For the third time this year, it’s put out buds and is blooming yet again. Enjoy the 3D wiggle effect: