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A New Jersey Thanksgiving

I’m off to Union, NJ (ostensibly home of the World’s Tallest Water Sphere) for Thanksgiving with my girlfriend Amy and her wonderful family. God bless. Back next week.

Expiring Comments

Due to the increasing threat of Comment Spam, and people leaving comments in old weblog posts, I’ve installed the CloseComments plugin and set it to close threads after they fall off the front page — a seven day shelf life. Is that too early? Or too late?

Thou Mvst Have Flash

Thou knave, get thy posterior to the The Historic Tale Construction Kit, that thou mayst populate a magick tapestry with medieval motifs of authentick likeness. (Funny — and occasionally vulgar — output at Somethingawful Goldmine. Found via MeFi.)

IMG stealers

A “travel” page seems to be committing wholesale bandwidth theft by hotlinking remote images wihout permission: in this case, one of my Bohol photos, among photos from several other sites. (Whether those other sites gave permission, I know not.) Gladly, one can use .htaccess and mod_rewrite to prevent hotlinking and bandwidth theft. People attempting to […]

What a Racket

When you get tired of playing Text Pong, you can always try some Internet Tennis.

Under a Pricy Shoe

WWYS appraises my soul at a value of £64984, but that’s in some weird foreign currency I couldn’t care less about. I’m just kidding, you lovable Brits. X-Rates tells me my soul is worth US$110,362. (Rod, we’re still waiting for your blog.)


Deprecate the “www?” But I’ve already prepended “www.” to every domain in my links, and just to be ornery about it, I’ve added the following lines to my .htaccess for URL consistency in my logs: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ! RewriteRule (^.*$)$1 [L,R] Does that make me such a criminal??? Here’s how it works in reverse, […]


While some say Christopher Reeve’s newly shaved head makes him look like Lex Luthor, I think he’s starting to look a lot like Uncle Fester. What do you think? Update: No, not Fester! LOBOT!

Drowning in

printf(“<img src=photos/%s><br>%s<p>n”, ….); See the unquoted src attribute? The missing alt attribute? The unterminated <br>? The <p> tag used as a spacer? All in a single line. Code like that is thrown my way everyday, and I clean it up. It’s kind of fun. (Title of this post is a direct conceptual rip from Zeldman’s […]

Not in the Machine

I’ve fallen prey to this myself: Postmodern Christianity and The Matrix — it’s not what you get out of it so much as what you put into it. On the other hand, that’s not so different from some people’s treatment of Scripture. The Iglesia ni Cristo interpretation of Isaiah 43:5, for example. But then, that’s […]