Expiring Comments

Due to the increasing threat of Comment Spam, and people leaving comments in old weblog posts, I’ve installed the CloseComments plugin and set it to close threads after they fall off the front page — a seven day shelf life. Is that too early? Or too late?


  1. shade says:

    that sounds like a good idea. and seven days sounds good too, i know i don’t often comment on a post that’s not current. i might try out a similar thing if i can find a plugin for b2

  2. Sparticus says:

    It’s good. You know it makes sense. Here’s hoping that MT gets this in by default for the next build.

  3. wyclif says:

    I always thought seven days was the outer limit. So, yeah.

  4. Antifaust says:


    Connie continues her battle against “comment spam”. Apparently, the same bastards who think it’s good business practice to fill up your inbox with junk email have figured out a way to hit blog comments too. I’ve had no experience with…

  5. eyeballkid says:

    Good idea.

    /me wanders off to take a look at the CloseComments plug-in.

  6. Pia says:

    u know what’s weird, I only got one spam comment on my site, but got tons of spam entries on my guestbook… *eh?* hehehe

  7. Mike says:

    I used closecomments initially and had everything set to close comments after 7 days, but found that was overkill. 20-30 days works a little better for me.