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Going Beyond Default

Build and install Apache 1.3.28 and PHP 4.3.3 on OS X. Quick and painless. My local development environment just got a bit nicer. Skin01 has been redesigned, but IE5.x/Win continues to break the sidebar CSS spectacularly. I’m working on it, but Virtual PC does not share OS X’s Apache server, though it does share its […]


If you like Invader Zim, go check out Oomph-Girl’s header graphic, then head over to Danelope’s for the GIR desktop. UPDATE: And these spoof iPod ads: (1, 2)

Space Taxis and Skyscrapers

Preview of the Space Shuttle Replacement. Preview of the New WTC Site. So, who do you think will get their finished work out first? NASA or the Port Authority?

Palm Pilots and Post-Its

More from the Real Live Preacher: Low-Tech to the Rescue, in which a sticky note on a PDA is likened to the Bible in this modern age. And though the metaphor may end when the batteries get charged, the Scripture may yet persist through free handheld Bible software! Whee.

On Forgiveness

“You can’t forget,” says RLP of forgiveness, “Forgiving has nothing to do with forgetting.” Read the whole thing. It is a hard, humbling struggle, to forgive — really, really, forgive — more so in the case of those who think they have done nothing wrong. Not only does forgiveness mean the decision to no longer […]

More OS X Freeware

A couple of freeware OS X utilities which have served me well these past few weeks: RBrowserLite, FTP client. Somehow, Cyberduck and LiFTP weren’t cutting it for me, but this has worked a bit better. RBrowser Lite’s interface is a bit cluttered, but it transfers files, and that’s what really matters. R-Name, batch file renamer. […]


WinNT-powered QuikTrak machine at Baltimore Penn Station flashes a crash screen. Oops. Photo taken with a Palm Zire 71.

In or On Behalf

File for reference under proper English usage: In/On Behalf Different From/Than/To (it’s definitely “From” for me)

On Earthquakes

Earthquake hits Northern Japan. Magnitude 8.0 is pretty strong, but with the epicenter of the quake located so far below the surface, there seems to have been less injury and damage to Hokkaido than I thought there would be. I was deadly scared of earthquakes as a child, partly owing to the influence of Superman, […]

Overlords Welcome You

Recently on #mefi: <brownpau> Well, in Soviet Russia, overlords welcome you! <bethbeth> good one brownpau, twenty points. no, make it thirty <mr_crash_davis> Score. Thank you, thank you. That was a once-in-a-lifetime memetic crossover line, and I don’t think I’ll be able to reach such heights of geeky wittiness ever again. (For reference: Metafilter, #mefi, in-jokes, […]