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Hong Kong Travel Notes

As I head home to the Philippines today, just a few quick travel notes: It’s not everyday you see an Indian karate student — still in his outfit — riding a Razor scooter down the busy streets of Causeway Bay. The standing urinals in men’s toilets here in HK do not have flush handles. Chinese […]

Hello from Hong Kong!

Hello from Hong Kong!!! I’m just stealing some time on the authoring terminal to blog a bit — wow, this is the fastest broadband connection I’ve ever used. All these Chinese characters on the keyboard are a bit confusing, though. Hong Kong’s a beautiful city. It’s clean and organized, and definitely a refreshing change from […]

Going to Hong Kong tomorrow!

Going to Hong Kong tomorrow! I’m childishly excited about it; not so much at the prospect of going to Hong Kong per se, but just at the fact that I’ll be travelling out of Manila and the Philippines for a while. I’m pretty sure if I had to go to Hong Kong on a regular […]


Half-Life plays remarkably well on a PIII-733 with 260MB RAM and a 32MB TNT2. I am edified. :)

Bryan Smith dies

Bryan Smith, the guy whose van struck and crippled Stephen King, died at 43. Stephen King officially expressed his sympathy in a statement issued by his assistant. He went through a lot of pain and suffering because of that accident, both physically and professionally, and his writing was deeply affected. To be able to express […]

PEX upgrades

PinoyExchange just revamped their system and interface. Looks nice, with more cool features. While they’re ironing out the kinks, though, it has slowed down somethin’ awful. Server problems.

Starting on LOTR

After years and years of procrastination, I have finally gotten down to reading Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. And not a moment too soon: copies in local bookstores are disappearing from the shelves faster than they can be stocked, and the prices of the volumes are rising. I was fortunate enough to find copies of […]

Overcoming Transitory Angst

I’m over the initial bout of mild transitory angst. Now I’m looking forward to working. And it pays well, too. :) Hmm. Someone in the US has come up with a book trying to prove that Jesus didn’t exist and the gospel accounts of him were just an amalgamation of ancient myths from the Middle […]

So much to learn…

Flash, Authorware, Director, Javascript, DHTML, SQL, VB, Fireworks… So much, so much, so much to learn…