Who Strengthens Me

Well, today’s the last day of leave; I’m getting briefed tomorrow for my new job as a multimedia designer. We’re seeing the office and checking out the equipment for the first time. And on Monday, to Hong Kong for training. I’m a bit nervous about this new career. For one thing, like I said earlier, it means staying here in the Philippines, shelving my plans of leaving for greener pastures in the US. Also, in my first two jobs, I had prior experience in both fields: as a digital video editor, I had entered with the benefit of a brief internship on the same platform shortly before that; and when I started as a web design executive, I had been studying HTML-based web design and making my own web pages for years. But now, this is completely new territory that I’ve never touched. While I’ll be receiving training, I have trouble assuring myself that I’ll do well.

Times like this, it helps to remember the Old Testament examples of Joseph and Daniel, who, despite the desolate or oppressed situations they found themselves in, still prospered and succeeded in everything they did because of God’s love. So I ask the Lord to strengthen my faith in His providence. He will make me able, if I only put my trust in Him and lean not on my own efforts and skills. (Of course I still need my talents and skills, but I do well to remember that it is He who enables me, and ultimately He who is responsible for my progress.)

Now I’m not so worried anymore. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”