Companion Kittens at 6 months

This was a kitten update I emailed to their foster mom and the adoption foundation, but I am reproducing it here in abridged form BECAUSE KITTENS:

Martha and Amelia Kittens

Just wanted to update you on how the kittens Martha Jones and Amelia Pond are doing three months out from adoption. They’re six months old now, doing great, and growing fast! Vet gave them a clean bill of health and a fresh round of vaccinations on their first checkup, and they just got their six month blood test without problems today.

Kittens on Cat Lounge

Both are very playful, of course, and they love to wrestle with each other and with various toys. Amelia even got famous on Cute Overload for wildly attacking a plush shark, and Martha has shown herself an especially accomplished jumper for rattly mice.

They’re also naturally inquisitive and and have found little nooks and crannies in our apartment even we didn’t know about. In quiet moments the two like to hang out by the bedroom window together, watching mourning doves roost in the trees.

Kittens by the window on a snowy morning

Occasionally they’ll also sit in front of the TV or mirror and meow at their own reflections. Both kittens are especially cuddly when sleepy, and Martha loves plopping down right against my face when I’m in bed.

Martha Kitten leaning on my face

We take them back to Petsmart about once a month for some basic grooming and supplies, and it’s great to see other LDCRF adoptions going on while we’re there. I’m always taking photos of the kittens, viewable on Flickr, and we also have videos of them on YouTube:

Martha Kitten Amelia Kitten

(Also sent to Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation’s Happy Tails.)