Recent Reading

The Touch-Screen Generation. Young children—even toddlers—are spending more and more time with digital technology. What will it mean for their development? (The Atlantic)

In the Passover haggadah, enigmatic bunnies multiplied like rabbits (Washington Post, Menachem Wecker — a former coworker at US News)

As employers push efficiency, the daily grind wears down workers. Many businesses no longer want long-term relationships with their employees, who must now work harder without getting financial and psychological rewards that were once routine. (LA Times)

The 25 Least Visited Countries in the World (Gunnar Garfors)

Why Media Sites Should Adopt Responsive Design (PBS MediaShift Idea Lab)

The Chemistry of Kibble. The billion-dollar, cutting-edge science of convincing dogs and cats to eat what’s in front of them. (Popular Science)

Glass Works: How Corning Created the Ultrathin, Ultrastrong Material of the Future. (Wired)

Winter is Here: How Game of Thrones became the most important show on television (Grantland)

The Mad Men Account (Scathing Feb 2011 review of “Mad Men” by Daniel Mendelsohn for The New York Review of Books)

Why Dictators Don’t Like Jokes. Pro-democracy activists around the world are discovering that humor is one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against authoritarianism. (Foreign Policy)

Snapshots from Hong Kong: Photo Tour of 7-Eleven (Serious Eats)

Matt Groening’s Artwork for Apple (Vintage Zen)

Timeline of 10 Famous Fonts, an infographic (The Mines Press)

So you got a Raspberry Pi: now what? (Engadget)