After a week and a day of marriage, things are still kind of crazy with fixing up the apartment, we still haven’t gone on a honeymoon, and I haven’t found time to write about the wedding day in any kind of detail. We won’t have any photos from the official photographer for a couple more weeks, but photos from guests are starting to come in: here are some from Amy’s Uncle Wesley and from Jacquelyn. I’ve also turned our wedding site into a minimal memoir of the day, which I will update with links to photos as they come in.

More details after the jump.

We got married in FBC Union, with a simple Baptist service co-officiated by Pastors Keith and Jim. For some traditional Filipino flavor, we incorporated the cord and veil ceremony into the dedication towards the end of the service. Music was provided by Laura George and Darren O’Neill, the former having been Amy’s flute teacher from childhood.

Fun goofs during the service included: Amy’s shoe falling off just as she was about to ascend the steps to the platform, followed by a frantic foot hunt under the dress for the errant footwear; Raffy’s hymnleading of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” turning into a solo hymn due to no one in the congregation figuring out that they were supposed to stand and open their hymnbooks; Amy and I trying to stand up with the cord and veil still on us, then forgetting to turn around to face the pastor for our pronouncement. We aren’t bride/groomzillas though, the goofs were just a cute part of a great day.

Instead of rice, we got rice hearts, which are easier to clean, pose less slippage risk, and are biodegradable and water-soluble.

Our wedding photographer was Reena Rose Sibayan (yes, Pinay).

The reception was held at Bridgewater Manor, and the maitre’d was named Moe. Live music was provided by Wynn Ballou and his band, and our first dance was to That Sunday, That Summer. (As I mentioned in the preamble to my toast, Amy and I didn’t meet or start going out on a Sunday in summer, but on a Saturday in spring — but we couldn’t pass up a chance to have our first dance be to Nat King Cole and a banjo.)

Post-reception, we retired to a bridal suite at Summerfield Suites, and headed back home to DC early the next afternoon. We have yet to go on a real honeymoon, though I usually joke that living where we do, amidst several hotels just blocks from Union Station and the Capitol and National Mall, is very much like having a DC honeymoon already. We might try for a weekend at Harpers Ferry sometime this summer if the B&B’s aren’t too crowded.