New[er] Job

Remember the new job? Yesterday was my last day there. What happened, you ask? Well, about a week into my two-week stint as a graphic design freelancer, I got a call. From here a prestigious news magazine. Yeah. They had gotten my resumé and apparently I was a strong candidate for a tech producer position.

To be honest, I was feeling ambivalent. I had been working in Photoshop for about a week, had settled back into an expectation of going back into design near full-time, and wasn’t too sure about a daily commute to Georgetown. I had already written up a note saying “Sorry, I think I’ll pass on this.” But hey, I wasn’t an in-house guy just yet — why not give it a try? I went there, shuttled between a few offices to get interviewed by the web staff, and was promised a call back by the end of the following week.

At some point between looking over their CMS and being told the pay and benefits, my mind swung completely around. I realized, deep in my heart after a week of design work, I wanted to get back into code, wrestling with XHTML and CSS and JS and web standards. Plus, the commute to Georgetown from the Union Station area isn’t quite so bad; it’s just a fifteen minute walk from the Foggy Bottom Metro, and there’s the Circulator for non-walkable days, and walking to and from work should be just under an hour and half one way — a decent workout. The office environment was relaxed and friendly and professional, the hours liberal, the pay generous. In about thirty minutes I had gone from wondering what I was doing here to wanting to know when I could start.

The answer came back positive. I start on Monday.

(Aside: I wasn’t supposed to come in to my old job at Omni on Friday, not having any projects, but I came in anyway, brought some Krispy Kremes, said bye to everyone. Shouts-out to Jeph, Mischa, and Jim, sorry some of you weren’t there for the donut holes.)

Update: Oops, I’m not allowed to tell you anything about my employer on my weblog, so that’s all edited out.