Still On My Feet

Given the ungodly number of hours that I’ve been awake, busy, and on my feet in the past two days, I find it a monumentally cosmic injustice that it is still only Tuesday.

Sunday night after Christian Artists’ Group was spent back in the lab at MICA, working on a webcam performance piece. At 3am of Monday morning, with the video work exported and uploaded, I walked out to Penn Station, hoping to catch a taxi home. There were none; the station was closed and deserted. A brief internal debate ensued, as to whether I should call for a taxi on my cellphone, or just walk back to the lab and sleep for the two hours it would take till the light rail opened.

The latter option won, but sleep was brief.

At 5am, I awoke, boarded the light rail, stayed home long enough to shower and dress, then was off once more to Penn Station to catch the MARC train to work. A half day of work, the MARC train back to Baltimore, vandaWeb class till 10pm, two more hours spent working on that webcam piece, taxi home, do laundry, dry laundry, fold laundry, sleep, wake, back to MICA, present webcam piece in class, fall into couch in lab, sleep, wake, dinner, back to lab, blog.

That’s it. I’m going home and unplugging.