I’m Bach!

Friends, I’m pleased to announce that Brownpau.com is back online. Thanks to the unbelievably fast network connection here at CyberLaptops, I managed to install MT2, reconfigure my weblog, and reimport my entries — all in less than twenty minutes. There’s a few more kinks to iron out (the leave page seems to have disappeared completely!), but I’m more or less back — insofar as I am able to access the internet, that is. PC rentals are not cheap over here.

Well, now I need to fill up all this empty blog space, don’t I? Expect retroactive “memoir” posts (a la Brandon and Wendy), so you can all catch up on how I made the jump, and what’s been happening to me since then.

I also need feedback: have any other pages or graphics disappeared? My gbook seems to be working again, and everything else seems to be in order, but I may have missed something.