Goodbyes at church

Today, I said my goodbyes at church. I’m really going to miss the folks at Berean Bible Baptist; it’s such a warm and closely knit church community. In the short time I was there I made friends with many of the participants at the young workers’ bible study group (one of whom was my travel agent!), and I grew to admire our pastor for his strict (but non-tyrannical) efficiency and biblical staunchness. Even if I didn’t agree with him on certain issues (viz. successionism, altar calls, “bible wines”), I certainly appreciated his powerful preaching and solid grounding in the essentials of the faith.

I’ve been richly blessed by this church, and I pray God leads me to a good Reformed Baptist church in Maryland.

Which reminds me: I haven’t packed. Argh. And I am completely unprepared for the weather there. I need to get some long johns and sweaters.

Two days to go. Panic.


  1. ganns says:

    We’ll miss you too, Pau. Don’t forget to write. A whole lot.

    I mightn’t be able to text you within the next two days, so a fond farewell, albeit temporarily, until we meet again.

    And I’m still upset you’re not coming to my wedding.

  2. Paulo says:

    I’m sorry, Ganns! I promise, I’ll sing “I Write the Songs” at the reception by long-distance call-in.

    Pero collect. ^^,