Wayne Redesigns

I was hoping to hit Index 50 before Wayne redesigned, but I was too slow on the draw. Darn.

Anyway, I’m thinking of making Index 49 a manga/anime layout, and I’m torn between graphics from the following titles:

– Appleseed (by Masamune Shirow)

– Urusei Yatsura

– Fushigi Yuugi

– Akazukin Cha-Cha

Which one should I go for?


  1. wayne says:

    Hehe…. sorry, dude :-).

  2. wayne says:

    Wait a minute. I can still redesign again before you hit 50. There’s still time….

  3. Raffy says:

    Akazukin Cha-Cha! Dang, I haven’t seen that cartoon in ages!

  4. dawn says:

    [sigh] The company’s filters won’t let me get to Wayne’s page … Wayne, what did you do?!?

  5. D says:

    ugh, I wouldn’t know. I haven’t gotten to see any of those. hehe.~whispers~ Do Serial Experiments Lain, or Neon Genesis Evangelion, or Gundam, or some Digimon fanart or the Pokemon manga! eh heh…~grins widely~

  6. Paulo says:

    Naw, I’m not too hot on Digimon or Pokemon. Now Gundam is an idea… :)

  7. cyberlizard says:

    NGE! NGE! NGE!


    Gundam! Gundam! Gundam! (Deathscythe Hell!)

    Erk. :) BTW, from the list, I’d choose Appleseed.

  8. Paulo says:

    Appleseed is great! I’m looking for a good graphic of Briareos and/or Artemis right now.

  9. D says:

    ~jumps up and down~ Do Gundam! Do Gundam! :P lol, for some reason, Paulo, I can just see you doing some Gundam mecha layout. O_O lol. ^^