Forgotten Holidays

The day before Valentine’s was Ash Wednesday, so most everyone in this Roman Catholic country had ashen crosses drawn on their foreheads at morning Mass. I, however, the freakish Protestant nonconformist, walked with my clean forehead bared to the world!!! BWAHAHA!!!

Anyway, I went to Holland Tulips on Monday to order a bouquet of roses and daisies, to be delivered to *******’s office on the 13th (since the 14th was full already), but we otherwise forgot that it was Valentine’s. No problem, since we don’t put too much stock in Hallmark holidays. Besides, with Pau and Tiff, everyday is Valentine’s Day. (She liked the flowers!)

(Tip of the hat to Brandon for the link. What a cute meme.


  1. Brian says:

    Paulo, Paulo, Paulo … what are we going to do with you?? Ash Wednseday, and the accompanying ashes, aren’t only a Roman Catholic thing. I’m sure you knew that, however. :-)

  2. Raffy says:

    Paulo! For shame! You just posted a picture of ECSTACY PILLS!

    [collective gasp]

  3. Mike says:

    Yeah, it’s a Lutheran and Episcopalian thing, too… (Did I miss any?)

  4. Paulo says:

    Of course I know that, but the dominant sect here in the Philippines is, of course, Roman Catholic. Sorry, I should have referred to myself as “freakish Baptist” nonconformist. :D

    Ecstacy pills? Of course not! They’re, uh, marshmallows! Yeah! That’s it! Marshmallows!

    Oh, wait, Mike, are you saying that Ecstacy pills are a Lutheran/Episcopalian thing? :D

  5. Mike says:

    Um… no. :)