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Flew to Manila for Christmas. This year’s itinerary was a bit of a challenge, with multiple layovers, including a 13 hour overnight Tokyo airport transfer from Narita to Haneda.

Orlando Airport Chapel

Nestled between the Orlando International Airport Gates 1-57 tram tubes, just behind security and a round planter, sits the airport chapel, a small round room with four couches, a table strewn with bibles and rosary rings, and a stained glass panel called “Tree of Life.” Full photo album of Orlando International Airport Chapel here, part […]


A few notes on the trip from Hong Kong back to DC: We were originally supposed to fly through SFO on a 777 but at some point United did a schedule change and it became a 747 to ORD. The change meant departing an hour earlier, and our seat reservations were wiped. We lost our […]


Our adventures started the night before, with United changing our seat assignments without notification, then disabling Amy’s online check-in. Then, some excitement on departure: a transformer blew up at the corner as we left in our taxi.

Overheard at HKG

Filipino family at Hong Kong Airport airline transfer desk, answering some questions due to some missing paperwork. Gate agent: “Country of origin for this trip, ma’am?” Saucy Pinay lady: “United States of America, which is our home.” “And what city?” “Texas.”