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Downtime Update

What with the frequent hardware failures, the loss of my entire database, the lack of full daily backup, the poor support, and the stealthy changes to the user agreement, there’s a lot I could say right now about my former web host, Affordablehost; but really, other irate ex-customers are already saying it: Post-Acquisition has made […]

More Hosting Issues (updated)

My shared server on Affordablehost continues to have persistent database issues, probably from some other user getting DDOS’d or Slashdotted or running infinitely looping database calls. Twice yesterday, my site has jumped into a time warp, first the MySQL databases resetting back to Nov 26, then the whole site resetting back to Dec 12. Then, […]

Affordablehost Going Down the Drain

Over the weekend, Affordablehost lost data to a hard disk crash on the server which hosts my site. There were backups, but they were three days old, so not only weblog entries from Thursday onward were lost, but also a weekend’s worth of forum entries on, and possibly email on two other clients’ sites […]

DreamCode Design

If you’re in the Philippines, don’t have access to a credit card, and are looking for cheap webhosting, check out DreamCodeDesign. I think those are pretty good prices for a locally hosted Filipino blog page. (And sorry to the folks at DreamCode for my inadvertently leaving up some archived negativities even after the owner was […]

Spaceports cgi-bin linking problems

Tim and Raffy now have comments, the former through Sensus Plenior, and the latter through Enetation. Several new links added, including but not limited to: Gary, Peps, SinglePinay, Reybelde, Nheo, and Yoshi. (Yup, lots of Pexers!) Those last two links were a bit of a problem: you can’t hyperlink to sites hosted on the Spaceports […]

DigitalRice Service Problems

Argh. Digitalrice sure is screwy these days. I personally am okay with the long URL, as long as fast and reliable service is offered. There have been a lot of server timeouts, and my site has to constantly live on two different URL’s. I would use a URL-shortcut service, but that messes up my stats […]

Netcabins Gets Annoying

Netcabins is beginning to annoy me. The server problems are fully excusable, since these are just the growing pains as they optimize their system, but their poor customer service is getting to me. The lack of advanced warning to users concerning major service changes and upgrades — like these new popup ads — is a […]

Netcabins and the NullPointerException error

Netcabins has been changing a few things without telling users in advance. Sort of annoying. Well, I’m about to upload something; I hope this works… …Okay, it still works! Blogger uploads to Netcabins fine, too. But FTP got a little more complicated. And there are going to be some relatively unobtrusive popups for a few […] is a pretty good resource for reviews and ratings of many free web hosts on the net. Their message board is especially useful, since a lot of users are on it, sharing their experiences with FWP’s.

Hypermart again

Well, here I am back on Hypermart, riding on a folder in Simplesight. I guess this is home for now. Gosh, all I seem to blog about nowadays is my Quest for a Free Web Host.