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Got a haircut yesterday. Before going out to the barber, I set up the tripod and took a photo of myself in the living room with my messy locks, then, making sure nothing moved, took a photo again immediately on my return. The light did change a bit, however, so it took a small bit […]

2.0 RLY

I had originally whipped up 2.0 RLY OWL for the Web 2.Oh No! Pool, traced in Photoshop from the original O RLY OWL, then goopified into the gradiated, shiny, reflect-y style that Strong Bad calls “molten plexiglass.” 2.0 RLY OWL has since then garnered thousands of views, 20 faves, and is now my #2 most […]

Planes on a Snake

I really could not care less that Snakes on a Plane is coming out tonight, and I was tired of the meta-self-referential hype before the hype was even cool, but it did at least inspire me to make this gem in Photoshop. Enjoy and share liberally. Also see more Planes on a Snake, and the […]

Blood Spatter

Happy Halloween or Reformation Day! The blood spatter on my site can speak to you of zombies and vampires out for brains or blood respectively, or of the spilled blood of the martyrs for the faith. Read some of Holy Office’s history on the mixed, mostly non-pagan origins of Halloween, and then check out The […]

Use Unsharp to Sharp

Please, sweat the small stuff. Cameron Moll has some good advice for Photoshop artists on the use of Unsharp Mask to compensate for the problems of interpolation in resized images. It’s such a basic thing, yet I’ve been overlooking that step for years.

MiniTru: Here For You

Here you go, Mr. Cheney. Please have a care for proper attire next time, but in the event such a doubleplusungood indiscretion reoccurs, we at MiniTru are at your service.

Photoshopped Future of the Past

So, it turns out that the 1954 vision of the 2004 computer which Presurfer linked was a skillfully done Photoshop job of a nuclear submarine manuevering room console, posted to a Fark Photoshop thread. I got taken in, but it should have been obvious on a closer look, with the ragged feathering on the left […]

Once more, with kittens

Apparently this photo by Matt Haughey is supposed to be the greatest photoblog image of all time. But as he points out, it’s missing a little something…

To Serve

Photoshop Tennis is a fun little game played between graphic artists, in which the artists take turns adding layers to a Photoshop image, each layer an attempt to outconceptualize the last. The Dane recently wrote about it, ending with an invitation to challenge him to Tennis. I issued a challenge. He accepted. As of today, […]