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Shoulder Update

I brought my shoulders and the X-rays to an orthopedic surgeon last Wednesday and he tells me it might be tendonitis. I still have more mobility and less pain than a rotator cuff tear would give me, and the gradual development of the pain points to a growing inflammation causing painful impingement. A very long-needled […]


This is my 50th Caturday post! Pandora had a vet visit yesterday, for a general checkup and nail-trimming. Due to my shoulder injuries I wanted to avoid hefting around her carrier, so I got a Kittywalk Stroller to roll her over to the vet in style. The stroller frame and wheels snap together easily, and […]

Shoulder Injuries

I’ve been dealing with a bit of pain in my right shoulder most of this year, possibly brought on by strenuous playing of Wii Sports on our last vacation. I [literally] shrugged it off, thinking it would go away, but it hasn’t and the joint pain has instead ramped up over the summer to the […]

Ambulance, Hospital

Had a bit of a medical incident this morning which necessitated a 911 call and a ride to the hospital in an ambulance. Thanks to DC Engine Company No. 3 for the quick response, and thanks also to the emergency doctors, nurses, and techs at GWU Hospital for their thorough ministrations. Video and photos from […]

In the Dentist Chair

View from the dentist chair this morning, taken with my phone while I sat waiting for the oral surgeon to come in and check my mouth a week after the extraction of my wisdom teeth. The gums are fine, no dry sockets — just a “wet” socket that will fill in over time but needs […]

Wisdom Teeth

I’m getting my wisdom teeth extracted today. I’ve been putting it off for years, believing that my mostly-erupted wisdoms would provide extra chewing power while posing little inconvenience; but after much on-and-off pain and swelling, a few cavities, an operculectomy, and futile brushing at foul debris trapped in the gums of my off-margin lower third […]


I’m at the beach right now. Back in 2008 with more. All comments will be queued for moderation till then. (Tali.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)


Welcome to a special Caturday: Vet Visit Edition. Pandora, being a ripe old 13 years of age, has intermittent urinary mishaps in the locale of her litter box (occasionally referred to as “Pandora’s Box”), which I have taken in stride with a handful of paper towels, a bottle of environmentally friendly non-bleach sage and citrus […]

Happy Operculectomy Plus Shave and a Haircut Day!

You’ll be about halfway to the clinic way out in Alabang before you realize you’ve forgotten the panoramic X-Ray you spent 800 pesos on last week to see how straight your wisdom teeth are. The dentist said that the best thing would be to eventually have them all extracted, but the soonest the oral-maxillofacial surgeon […]

Gout in my Shoulder

Update: I got blood work done and my uric acid levels are well within normal limits, so I do not have gout, and the shoulder pain was most likely muscle spasms. Since then I’ve eaten oysters, clams, mussels, crabs, anchovies, sardines, mackerel, and other seafoods in mass quantities, without any pain or inflammation. Please ignore […]