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Free Hyde from Isis

You may remember my entry about MacBook soft folding cases last month, in which I posted a video review of my new Isis Roach cover. Shortly afterward I got an email from Taylor Shupe of Isis, saying, I came across your video critique today and was super stoked that you took the time to do […]

Kanye West Sunglasses

There’s those shades again, with a transitional half-shuttered version, this time spotted on a table at the Eastern Market flea market on Capitol Hill. Amee tells me they’re a Kanye West thing, from his “Stronger” video. Yesterday at Gallery Place we saw a girl wearing these shutter shades and a shirt with a picture of […]

MacBook Soft Folding Cases

The market for MacBook cases seems a lot more focused on sleeves which require you to slide out your MacBook to use it. (Theory: Bigger market for people who want to show off their MacBooks but keep them protected when not in use?) I had a tougher time finding decent folding cases which wrap around […]


Hannah Montana faux hair accessories at Bed Bath and Beyond. These scare me. (HaMoFaux.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)


This is a pair of sandals I bought in the Philippines a long time ago. As you can see, they are branded “Brick’s,” which I think is supposed to look like “Birks.” Anyway, a strap just broke on this pair, in an un-shoe-goo-able spot, so I took a photo for posterity before throwing the sandals […]

Fashion Question: Turtle Under V

(mo_428_.jpg, uploaded by brownpau.) Turtleneck under V-neck sweater: is it artsy casual or a fashion faux pas? Update: Okay, the comment consensus is “fashion faux pas,” so you will most definitely not see me wearing this combination again.

No Concealed Weapons

History of the Barong Tagalog, the Filipino national costume. It’s what I’m wearing in this photo.


I was in a rush this morning, so I sort of threw on my clothes without thinking: blue jeans, dark green t-shirt, white socks, navy blue jacket, and (ba-da-bum!) light brown walking sneakers. I feel so incredibly dorky right now.

Green Khaki Black Brown

Last Thursday, I wore a green polo shirt, khaki slacks, black socks, and brown shoes. To anyone who saw me in that combination, I apologize for my unsightly fashion decisions that day.

Faxion Faux Pas?

1. Shirt tucked into pants without belt. 2. White roundneck undershirt visible behind collar of button-down polo. 3. Slacks and rubber shoes sneakers. I was raised with the idea that the above combinations were non-negotiable fashion no-no’s, and I’ve avoided these modes of dress since high school. Since my arrival in the US, however, I’ve […]