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Real-Life Lilandra

Amy pointed out this lovely Myspace weblog entry from a lady who subs at the Arlington Library, and who, in her youth, dated the late X-Men artist Dave Cockrum. Last month she brought a Cockrum cover to Antiques Roadshow: I am finally bringing my cover to X-Men #99. My one wild oat was that I […]

Dismal and Excellent

Speaking of Goth Girls, be sure to check out Accordion Guy’s scans of Goth-themed Archie comics: “She’s Goth to Have It” (an actual Archie comic), and “Anarchie,” which seems to be an unofficial anarchist parody. When you’re ready to put on the black clothes and mascara, you can “Go Goth!” and then learn to Dance […]

Razormouth 1, Dilbert 0

Long before Scott Adams came up with this joke, Razormouth had already done it better. (What happened to Razormouth? It’s all pundit-ish now.)

Slam, Boom!

People were quite livid that a “SLAM” and a “stink” stunk of anti-Muslim bigotry, but where was the outrage over suicide bombers on Star Trek? Or could it have been simply because B.C.’s Gary Hart is Christian, and is therefore, like Mel Gibson, an easy target for such unqualified derision? (Yes, yes, an old issue, […]


OK/Cancel: Funny up-and-coming online comic about an HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) Designer. Any graphic designer who has worked with hardcore, UI-challenged programmers should identify immediately with this one. (via anil’s daily links.)

Mice, Mayhem, Fanfics

Of Mice and Mayhem is a heavily involved Rescue Rangers fanfic. The art is superb, and the plot and writing are achingly campy — which is really half the fun. Have a fast net connection and lots of time; it’s over 200 pages long, and the JPEG filenames vary for each page to avoid automated […]


Read today’s Foxtrot. If you don’t get the joke, watch


After a long and alarming disappearance, Friend Bear is back, with fun deconstructionist socialism for all. Be sure to see his visit to the objectivism theme park and the wonders of Professor Dog-Ear.

Marvel Supervillains

Brunching reviews Marvel Comics supervillains. “I stopped reading X-Men about the same time they started putting Wolverine on the cover of comics in which he didn’t actually, technically, appear.” Heh.

Peter David, my favorite Star Trek / comic book writer, now has a blog.