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Harry Potter Spoilers – Deathly Hallows

So there’s been some buzz over Harry Potter spoilers getting leaked via photos of open books being posted online. At least two of these sets of photos show books with contradicting plots, and I’ve read bits of a “spoiler” PDF which was obviously an awkward R-rated fanfic. Perhaps Bloomsbury picked up some cues from LOST […]

Me as Simpsons Character

It’s not an exact match, but that’s my style of dress almost to a tee. Simpsons archetypes are so fun to project oneself onto. Go to the Simpsons Movie website and look for the "Create an Avatar" feature. Found via Kottke and Megnut. Brilliant film marketing right there: s a bit of postmodern “giving” to […]

Everybody to the Limit

Thank you, Google. I was wondering about that, though I do believe it’s “fhqwhgads.” Yup, with DSL finally comes the ability to start enjoying Homestar Runner. The whole “fhqwhgads” thing started with this Strongbad email, and was followed up with the music video. And I couldn’t have figured out any of that without the Homestar […]


Loonatics? “Buzz” Bunny? Two things immediately spring to mind: Poochie and TNIV. They’re also talking about it on Metafilter.

Mice, Mayhem, Fanfics

Of Mice and Mayhem is a heavily involved Rescue Rangers fanfic. The art is superb, and the plot and writing are achingly campy — which is really half the fun. Have a fast net connection and lots of time; it’s over 200 pages long, and the JPEG filenames vary for each page to avoid automated […]


If you like Invader Zim, go check out Oomph-Girl’s header graphic, then head over to Danelope’s for the GIR desktop. UPDATE: And these spoof iPod ads: (1, 2)

Fairly Odd Home Movies

Two things I am really enjoying right now: Home Movies and Fairly Odd Parents. And I just found the listings for Invader Zim and Classic Trek. I’m in TV heaven. Yay. Okay, okay, set VCR timer. Must sleep now. Must sleep.

Susy Terrorizes Baby

Is that Susy? As in, Susy of the Susy and Geno duo? Wow, way to go undercover. I can see what the PNP must have been thinking: “We’ll make our police officers less conspicuous to terrorists by dressing them up as Sustagen mascots.” (Pic via Ernie.)

The Justice League

This new Justice League cartoon is pretty darn good — but more than a bit dark; not for the little kiddies unless they’re significantly jaded. I’m a bit confused about geography, though: Superman works in Metropolis, and Batman in Gotham City, so where are these guys doing their stuff? And where do they find time […]

Samurai Jack!

I’m watching Samurai Jack. Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow.