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Christmas in NJ

Spent Christmas in New Jersey with Amy’s family. Darth Vader and Yoda were on the Christmas tree.


By some quirk of airfare pricing, an early morning United Express (Expressjet, formerly Continental Express) plane ticket from BWI to Newark Airport turned out cheaper than Amtrak this Christmas, so we took the flight to visit Amy’s family in New Jersey. The flight turned out to be a mistake which we will not repeat again.

Foggy Mornings

We’ve had a few mornings of dense fog around DC and North Virginia. Once upon a time I would have taken the opportunity to walk around and get another photoset like this one of DC in fog from 2006, but for now we take what we can get. And not related to fog, but I […]

iPad mini

(Buy an iPad mini just like mine on Amazon!) While in Norfolk last month I dropped by MacArthur Center Apple Store to see the just-launched iPad mini. The store was bustling, and staff told me they had quickly sold out of all but the 64GB stock. I held a demo unit in my hand, and […]

Party Princess

“The Princess for Hire”: excerpts from a very long and fun SomethingAwful forum thread about being a professional party princess, by AssassinSparkle (aka AssassinPrincess on SA forums). Her stories are a simultaneously hilarious and profound glimpse into a world of princess-worship among little girls, of which I had only been peripherally aware before now. She’s […]