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Thanksgiving 2012

We drove up to New Jersey for Thanksgiving this year. Our last experience on Amtrak had been a crowded mess, and I wanted to see if the drive up I-95 was any better. It was not. We left at 5AM and even that early the beltway was stressful. The New Jersey Turnpike was a monotonous […]

Recent Reading

Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (Philippines) IAEA, July 2008: IAEA Advises Philippines on Next Steps for “Mothballed” NPP NYT, Feb 2012: A Nuclear Plant, and a Dream, Fizzles Wikipedia entry Post-Superstorm Sandy Recovery The Verge: Into the vault: the operation to rescue Manhattan’s drowned internet NYT: As Coasts Rebuild and U.S. Pays, Repeatedly, the Critics Ask […]

Pandora’s Pawprint, and Lessons Learned

Got this from the vet in the mail yesterday. It’s Pandora’s pawprint, impressed into a plaster heart before her necropsy and cremation. We opted not to get the ashes back, so this pawprint suffices for a memorial. …and Lessons Learned for Future Cat Care * Watch your cat’s phosphorus intake. While phosphorus is an important […]

Recent Reading

Keystone — Esquire article by author John H. Richardson on the Alberta tar sands, the Keystone Pipeline, and the socioeconomic and environmental controversies swirling around this new, deadly, yet highly profitable oil field and delivery route. The Story of Nokia MeeGo — a recent history of what would have become Nokia’s next-generation mobile OS before […]

Goodbye, Pandora

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Pandora, due to complications from advanced kidney failure. She was 21 years old. (April 1991 to November 2012.)

Norfolk, VA

We were in Norfolk for a few days while Amy attended a VAEA conference, where she gave a presentation on “Artful Adventures.” Meanwhile, I ventured out around Norfolk’s Downtown and Waterside areas to see things. We stayed at the Sheraton Waterside, just a short walk from a bunch of downtown landmarks, and right across the […]