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Weekend with MeFites

Stynxno and ThePinkSuperhero were on holiday in DC last weekend, so Amy and I took them on a walking tour of the National Mall, one end to the other. (The “walking” part turned out not to be the best idea since it was something like 90°F that day, but everyone managed to survive. Maybe Metro […]

Easter Weekend in NJ

We spent the Easter weekend in New Jersey with Amy’s family, taking a quick jaunt up to New York on Saturday to check out The Frick Collection and Forum Gallery. For Easter Sunday we went to service at First Baptist Union and then had brunch at Crowne Plaza Edison. Much lamb and salmon was consumed […]

While It Was Still Dark

Happy Easter! We are up in New Jersey for the weekend. While on the train, I tried to take a picture of a lovely yellow full moon hovering over the horizon, but my camera was unsuited to the task of capturing a celestial body at full zoom at night from a moving train. Instead I […]

Rock Creek Park in Early Spring

Saturday’s hike through Rock Creek Park started from the Melvin Hazen Trail near Cleveland Park, down Rock Creek itself, past the zoo, below Woodley, and up through Montrose Park to end in Georgetown, where we ate fish for lunch. It turned out to be too early in the Spring for much of the foliage or […]

Washington Monument Cherry Blossoms

The Tidal Basin is the focal point for DC cherry blossom activity, but cherry trees are planted all around DC, with an especially lovely grove right near the Washington Monument — where you can relax without the pressure of the crowds all flocking to the Tidal Basin at peak bloom. As with most panoramic shots, […]

Cherry Blossoms 2009

We went to see the Cherry Blossoms last Sunday, just in time to catch an afternoon of decent weather as a storm system left: patchy cumulus clouds with sunny breaks and bouts of strong, refreshing wind. The blossoms around the Tidal Basin were still a few days shy of peak bloom, but certainly more than […]

Timelapse: Cherry Blossom Tourists

Tourists at the DC Cherry Blossom Festival, taken at 2 second intervals from various locations around the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial:

how now @brownpau

Update, April 2: Okay, those of you who hate stupid April Fools Day web pranks can come out now; the Skittles Twitter Search plus MormonJesusRoll gimmick is over. I’ll do an actual redesign sometime soon; CSS Naked Day 2009 is right around the corner, after all. You may have noticed that How Now Brownpau has […]