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National Museum of American History Reopens

Sunday after church, we checked out the newly reopened Smithsonian National Museum of American History. I was there on its last day before renovation and was eager to see the changes — and was somewhat disappointed. Most of the changes took place in the middle of the museum, where a special exhibit chamber for the […]

Theodore Roosevelt Island in the Fall

These photos are from a week before our Rock Creek hike, so we didn’t catch the island at peak color, but it was quite lovely nonetheless. I experimented a bit with upside-down reflections in the marsh water, got a nice closeup of Teddy Roosevelt’s bronze face, and we caught a bit of tense drama between […]

Rock Creek Park in the Fall

Some photos from an early November Fall color hike through Rock Creek Park, starting from the Melvin Hazen trail off Connecticut Ave NW near Cleveland Park, down the Rock Creek bike path along Beach Drive to the rear entrance of the National Zoo: Full “Rock Creek Park in Fall” photoset here.


Today’s cat video comes to you courtesy the Great Cats of the National Zoo, specifically these two lionesses playing with a ball.

Feed Changes

As promised before, I have aggregated my relevant content from various sites to one Feedburner feed to rule them all, and redirected the old feed URL to that. Apologies to anyone who suddenly got hundreds of new items from my site feed because of the redirect. I failed to consider that every entry from the […]

Site Changes

Notice anything different? I’ve moved the site over to Axishost, upgraded to Movable Type Open Source (the latest version, 4.21, up from 3.36), and redesigned stuff. Inside pages, which were already pretty minimal to begin with, are now even more simplified, with extraneous lines removed and titles devolved into breadcrumb blocks. I’ve also adjusted my […]


Amy and I will not be voting tomorrow, because we already absentee-voted last week, in expectation of a very busy Nov 4th. However, I do strongly encourage all US citizens to go vote on Nov 4th if you haven’t yet, and know that I endorse Barack Obama for president. I would like him in the […]

Stuff That Needs Doing

Get off this default template and restore randomizing layouts. Redirect current feed URLs to FeedBurner. Get an underscores-to-hyphens RewriteRule into .htaccess. Restyle inside pages. Make a Page Entry Index template. Make a new 404 page. Go back to single-column weblog sidebar. Redo blogroll as parsed Google Reader OPML subscription list. Install Action Streams, consolidated into […]