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I just finished installing Movable Type 4!

I’ve finally migrated the site to a new web host and upgraded to Movable Type Open Source 4.21. I’ve always intended this next server move to be the impetus for a reboot of the site, and I’m very much a start-from-scratch kind of person, so things will be very raw and bare-bones and default-y for […]

Rainy Saturday

Drops of water on plants in the Smithsonian’s Mary Livingston Ripley Garden. Shortly after I took these photos it began pouring again and did not stop for the rest of the afternoon. We took shelter in the Sackler Gallery, where we looked at Garden and Cosmos: The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur.

Willow Oak Root

Macro details from the knotty, mossy roots of a willow oak on the Capitol Lawn. Note the whorl-like patterns under the bark on exposed portions of the root system:


Just testing out time lapse video on the SD1100IS. As always, music is thrown together from Garageband loops.

Another Talking Head

Discreetly recorded with my Nokia 6120c’s secondary front camera while heading home earlier this evening. I paused and unpaused as people passed by so as not to appear weird, talking to no one on a video phone. Later in the show you can see how tired I get from the walk and the crowd, around […]


To replace my poor, broken SD1000 I set some of my birthday money aside to purchase a new replacement Powershot; the choice was to either get a simpler SD1100IS or splurge on the newer, wider-angle SD880IS. I opted for the SD1100IS — a cheaper camera closer in build to the older one, so that I […]

Walking Home

Some cameraphone photos from a chilly walk home along the National Mall yesterday, in the amber light and long, long shadows of an early Fall sunset:


In “Begging the Question, Again” on the Times Topics weblog, NYT deputy news editor Philip Corbett talks about the misuse of the phrase, and briefly mentions, my pedantic language site. I was alerted to this by the sudden flurry of “” inbound links in my referrer log that day. BTQ’s continued growth in popularity […]

Sunday at the National Gallery

We spent Sunday after church at the National Gallery, to see the Indian paintings of George de Forest Brush and hear the Lucerne Festival Strings play music by Mendelssohn, Sarasate, and Brahms. See that garbage can? You know what’s wrong with it? We went up to it and paused for a few seconds wondering if […]


Mom got us some Edo-style broiled eel from Tokyo when she came to visit so we’re eating that now with some rice. Here it is with Pandora, who didn’t get any.