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Mobile Catchup

I’ve lately had to avoid posting directly to here from my mobile phone with the Flickr2Blog MMS feature, because T-Mobile seems to have altered the graphical signatures they surround MMS messages with such that MMS messes up when passing through Flickr’s filters. Hey, T-Mobile, fix that by not breaking your MMS with marketing cruft. So […]

Chicks and Asses

Just a couple of fuzzy, shaky animal videos shot from my phone while on the go last week; at left, noisy adolescent blue jays scratching for food on the Capitol Lawn, and at right, passing by a pair of canalboat-towing mules on the C&O towpath in Georgetown:

Walking Home

I didn’t really feel like dealing with record-breaking Metro crowds after work today, so I braved the heat and walked home, pausing briefly at a farmer’s market in Penn Quarter to grab some cherries and a bouquet of summer flowers for Amy. Two snapshots and a short video from along the way: At top left, […]

In the Dentist Chair

View from the dentist chair this morning, taken with my phone while I sat waiting for the oral surgeon to come in and check my mouth a week after the extraction of my wisdom teeth. The gums are fine, no dry sockets — just a “wet” socket that will fill in over time but needs […]

Bush, Arroyo, Carrots, Sticks

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was in town yesterday to pay a visit to our neighbor at 16th and Penn NW (funny guy from Texas, you should meet him sometime). Now, much has been made of a supposedly offensive statement he made — “I am reminded of the great talent of the- of our Philippine-Americans when I […]

Various Debunks

“Lost” tribe not so lost after all. The key word here is “uncontacted”; the government had known about isolated native tribes such as this one for decades, and partitioned off that land as an Indian preserve. The man responsible for the pictures played up the “lost natives” angle to draw attention to the problem of […]

Lamp Post and Clouds

(Lamppost and Clouds uploaded by brownpau.) Half-lit lamp post across from the Watergate under dark, thundery storm clouds on a Monday afternoon. Hopefully this will be my last photo of storm clouds over DC for a while.

Jan and Angie

Congrats go out to Jan and Angie, old friends from school who were just married last week. I’ve known the groom since third grade, and the bride all through college, and they’re the second couple I know consisting of a grade school and college friend of mine to get married (the first being Mike and […]

Faint Rainbow Over DC

I was feeling well and non-swollen enough tonight to go with Amy to the National Gallery, where we viewed some new acquisitions and listened to the Washington Bach Consort perform a free concert of vocal and organ works by various members of the Bach family. On our way back home we were rained on by […]

False Alarm

Saturday evening, we were eating dinner (cream of broccoli soup for my healing gums) and watching “The Hunted” when the fire alarm started ringing. After a bit of debate as to whether should actually pay it attention, we paused the episode and got our keys, wallets, cellphones, and cat (in carrier) and hurried calmly out, […]