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Betrayed by the media – GetReligion The media were all over National Geographic’s “Lost Gospel of Judas” in 2006 but when actual facts discredited the sensationalism, not much was said beyond a couple of op-eds in NYT and Journal of Higher Education. (tags: faith history archaeology judas news media nationalgeographic oops hoaxes) Shortcuts – Far […]


Today’s Saturday cat photo series is a bunch of close up macros of Pandora’s face, and a noir-ish dramatic black and white shot. Update: Greetings, DC Blogs readers! If you liked these photos of my cat, there are more of her on Flickr.

links for 2008-05-30

The Birth of a Chicken | – a lifestyle blogzine Photos of what looks to be a developing chick in incubation, growing outside of its egg in a Petri dish. (tags: science biology birds chicken eggs photos interesting) Phoenix sol 4 press briefing: unstowed arm, full panorama, and weather – The Planetary Society Blog […]

Owning the Clouds – Apology, Withdrawal

Followup to Owning The Clouds and the update: I got an email from Sarah Bernard of 23/6, apologizing for the inadvertent pulling of my video due to Google/YouTube’s content identification. I forgive you, 23/6! Dear Paulo, I’m Sarah Bernard, President of 23/6. Please know that we certainly did not intend for our posting the video, […]

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Dell’s “mini-Inspiron” Eee PC killer revealed – Engadget Dell to release 8.9 inch sub-notebook for under $500. (tags: computers dell tech cheapandtiny) A full panorama and an unstowed arm – The Planetary Society Blog | The Planetary Society Lovely B/W panoramic images from the Phoenix Lander, also remapped to provide an overhead view. (tags: space […]

Memorial Day 2008

Amy and I spent most of Memorial Day relaxing at home, though we did go out for a few hours to grab a sushi lunch at Mary Surratt’s boarding house (AKA Wok and Roll), browse the Reynolds Center, and walk around the Haupt Garden. The Fortune I don’t normally have a high degree of trust […]

links for 2008-05-28 – Boats – U-1206 – the U-Boat sunk by its own toilet. (tags: uboat submarines nazi history toilet ww2 military) BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Jump record fails to take flight Michael Fournier’s record freefall plan foiled by a badly secured helium balloon. (tags: records balloon oops) Spaceflight Now | Destination Mars […]

Trees, Crane, Sky

Walking through Rose Park. Across the Parkway, one of many metal monsters of urban progress thrusts its frame into the sky. (Trees, Crane, Sky uploaded by brownpau.)

links for 2008-05-27

12 Comic Book Ads That Taught Us To Be Cynical | (tags: fun retro advertising comics wtf) Global Nerdy | My First Brush with the Music Industry Conversations with a record exec in the mid-1990s: “Trust me – I’ve been in the music industry for a while – no one’s going to listen to […]

Phoenix on Mars

Phoenix, NASA/JPL’s new Mars polar lander, has successfully touched down in the Martian north polar region. This landing was more of a nail-biter than usual, given that the last polar lander mission was lost during descent in 1999; but Phoenix (rising from the ashes of the Mars Polar Lander mission, I guess) performed wonderfully, going […]