Artomatic (9-12)

Amy and I dropped by Artomatic Friday night, since it was close to home, I hadn’t been to it before, and Amy had a coworker exhibiting there: Alex Zealand, with Addiction, part 3 and Transformed Books.

After admiring Alex’s coffee filter installation, we went around the place, but didn’t have the time or energy to go through everything; so we did just floors 9 to 12, saving the remaining exhibits on lower floors for another weekend. (Update: The rest of the floors here.) Along the way, I picked up an artist’s card each time I saw something that had something special to catch my attention. Without further commentary, I offer a dump of the links gathered, and leave it to you to deduce what attracted me about each artist’s (or gallery’s) work:

There was also an installation with a pedal-powered zoetrope installed in an old television housing which would alternate between applauding and booing the pedaler, but I didn’t get a card and couldn’t try it out because so many other people were crowding around it. The peace dove shadow thingy was fun too. And I loved the Victorian decor in the tattoo parlor even though I would never get a tattoo myself.

So next weekend we’ll try and do the other floors. Anyone else go? How’d you like it?