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Chocolate Edamame

In Trader Joe’s, dark chocolate covered edamame. No. No! NOOOO!!! (Chocolate Edamame uploaded by brownpau.)

links for 2008-04-30

DC Mayor does Jury Duty (WaPo) “We were in the jury room, and so many people were in there, and they said, ‘Fenty,’ and he said, ‘Here,’ and everyone was like, huh?’ “ (tags: dc law mayor politics government news) Did you know? Windows has a built-in tool to create self-extracting archives via ‘Iexpress.exe’ (tags: […]

Pile of Air Conditioners

Our apartment recently had window upgrades for all units, and the process included removing the old air conditioners and putting in fresh new ones. The old aircons were discarded, stacked in a pile down in the basement; so much cooling potentiality now gathering dust in a forgotten corner.

links for 2008-04-29

APOD: 2008 April 27 – The Galactic Center Radio Arc Lovely radio image of bright arches and filaments arcing out from the black hole at the Galactic Center. (tags: space milkyway galaxy radio physics) Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Wanted: Space-Age Dust Removal Closeup photo of Spirit rover’s solar panels showing Martian dust accumulation. If another […]

Free Cone Day 2008

Free Cone Day today, so kingkool68 and skunkgal and I took a break from work to go down to Ben and Jerry’s in Georgetown and avail ourselves of the frozen dairy giveaway. Some quick phone snaps from while we stood in the considerable line: I got my standard default order when I don’t know what […]

More Weekend Photos

A few more photos of note from the weekend: In sequence, those are Amy in the Sculpture Garden, a flower macro from the Haupt Garden, guy in a Renaissance costume (an actor from the Folger, perhaps?) striding towards Union Station Metro, and a Sunday sushi meetup in Woodley Park with Gabe and Andre, two friends […]

Water in Motion

While strolling around the Haupt Garden over the weekend, Amy and I paused at the fountain to watch birds bathing, and I tried my hand at high speed photos of the water, setting my camera to ISO 1600, lowest exposure, macro on when up close. The results are rather grainy, but it looks like the […]

National Gallery Timelapses and Painting Details

Amy and I were at the National Gallery on Saturday to look at American works by Homer, Eakins, Bellows, as well as explore the little-known inner maze of Italian Renaissance galleries in the West Building. Along the way I tried out the time lapse feature on my Powershot and got a few quick videos: I […]

Butterfly Cube

Sculpture on a front lawn in Foggy Bottom: oblique black cube ascends into white butterfly peeling away from upper vertice. (Butterfly Cube uploaded by brownpau.)


Here is a photo of Pandora assuming something close to the Serious/Business Cat pose on her blanket bed, along with some other snaps of her rolling about on the carpet. She is so cute. Also see McWetboy’s Kittens and Snakes.