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Travel Roundup, Dec 2007 to Jan 2008

Thank you all for putting up with my much-procrastinated-on, retroactively dated, self indulgent travel logging. Here is a quick roundup of everything from the trip before I go back to the regular grind: Travel Log Entries Away Message The Trip to JFK Airport JFK-LAX-HKG-MNL Novotel Citygate Tali, Fuego, Fortune Fortune Island Dive Fortune Island Dive […]

Rear Window

A quick tip for couples flying coach class on long-haul flights: if you’re riding a 747-400 and you like windows, reserve a pair of seats at the very rear of the plane. The last three rows of seating go from 3-4-3 to 2-4-2 because of the tapering of the fuselage, so you can reserve two […]

LAX Transfer

We flew home from Hong Kong, crossing the Pacific through a miserable haze of cough meds and throat lozenges, but the real fun began on landing at Los Angeles Airport (LAX). As is standard U.S. port-of-entry policy, all transferring passengers had to disembark and go through immigration and customs, picking up bags at a baggage […]

Ibis North Point

For our two night stay in Hong Kong, we reserved a Harbour View room at the Hotel Ibis North Point, a small budget hotel in a mostly residential area on Hong Kong Island. The hotel sits right across a bus terminal from the waterfront, just a few steps from stairs down to the North Point […]

Short Hong Kong Trip

After leaving Manila we dropped by Hong Kong for a couple of days to sightsee. I hadn’t been there since 2000 (and never got to see much at the time) and Amy hadn’t been at all, so we were looking forward to checking out some sights: Victoria Peak, Star Ferry, HK Museum of Art, and […]

Manila Pollution

This is an average windless morning in Manila. The smog of vehicle exhaust and coal plant emissions sits heavy on the city, blanketing everything in a thick cloud of throat-itching particles. It seeps in everywhere; you can even smell it through closed windows with the air conditioner running. When our plane took off from Manila […]

Looking Out Car Windows in Manila

Upper left: Outside the walls of Intramuros. Upper right: Afternoon siesta in a pillowed nook by the street. Lower left: Family gathering on a highway island. Lower right: Father and son on Pasay Road in Makati.

Stuff We Did in Manila

Condotel Having three brothers plus anywhere from one to three of their girlfriends and a nephew in the house made things a bit tight, so Mom was nice enough to spring for a room for me and Amy at the nearby “condotel” Le Gran. The first night there proved trying, however, as the studio unit […]

Fortune Island Dive Video

Quick followup to the Fortune Island entry: I also have a short video from the dive, about a minute long. There isn’t much to see, and I didn’t know about the camera’s “Underwater” setting till after the dive, so things look rather blue. Note how barren the reef looks; most of it was crushed coral. […]

Fortune Island Dive

Dive #84 Date: 31 Dec 2007 Location: Fortune Island Maximum depth: 70 feet Dive time: 45 minutes Air used: 2000 psi Strong northeast winds caused significant chop en route from Tali, with a troublesome rolling swell persisting even in the lee of the island. This unfortunately made the best Fortune Island dive sites — Canyons […]