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Progressive Boink – The 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings. via Metafilter. (tags: comics liefeld fun wtf) BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Nasa outlines manned Mars vision The plan still contains a lot of conjecture and vaporware, like inflight plant growth and on-orbit assembly, but they’ll get there eventually. (tags: space nasa mars news) Facebook Bows […]


I just ordered a Vietnamese coffee at Miss Saigon and was served this odd drip apparatus. Not sure I understand it fully yet. (VietCoff.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

GloriaResign (.com, .net, .org)

3-in-1: Bid now on and receive and free! Way back in 2005, when Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo faced scattered street protests and rumors of an EDSA 4 revolution in the works, I registered three domains, completely on a whim: I really didn’t care about the politics, one way or another, but […]


You can really see the shape of this particular cloud system: pulled along by midlevel winds into a long, linear formation. More info: Cloud Streets. (Clouds.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

Peninsula Standoff

So a jailed senator being tried for a previous attempted military mutiny walks out of his hearing, joins with his band of rebel soldiers and political supporters, and once again initiates another mutinous standoff in a swanky Makati hotel, with Guingona calling on the people to start yet another EDSA-style revolution. Bad move, bad timing. […]

links for 2007-11-28

Square America – snapshots and vernacular photography. Galleries of old photos capturing common and uncommon images of American life in the last century. (tags: photography photos retro history culture fun usa interesting) “Mister Splashy Pants” leads Greenpeace contest vote on names for humpback whales. Part of the Great Whale Trail campaign. (tags: whales names animals […]

links for 2007-11-27

Airline Empires – Airbus A340 Meets Wall. Airbus Loses. A340-600 for delivery to Etihad jumps its chocks during engine test, crashes into wall, injuring five. Video of the aftermath seen from another plane. (tags: aviation airbus disaster france news) oobject – radioactive products. Products from the early 20th Century which used radioactivity as a selling […]

Luzon Earthquake (Nov 2007)

The text message from Mom came around 11:30pm: We just had a strong earthquake here in Makati. I checked the USGS Latest Earthquakes Map and list and found that preliminary data for the quake was already available in an event report: Magnitude 5.8 – LUZON, PHILIPPINES, 2007 November 27 04:27:00 UTC. The reported magnitude jumped […]

Fall Comes to DC

It’s a bit late, but Fall color is finally showing itself in Washington. Here’s the C&O Canal towpath at 30th Street, covered in fallen leaves. Also check the thumbs for a few other snaps from a short trek down the towpath to the grassy slope between Lock 1 and Rock Creek, and a quick snap […]

Pigeons on Streetlight

Small flock of pigeons in a row atop a streetlight on Pennsylvania Ave NW near Georgetown, Washington, DC.