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Metro Warp

I’ve been wanting to get a long-exposure Metro photo like this for years, and I finally got my chance on the way home from Roosevelt Island on Saturday. If you look at the trail left by the LCD sign you can see its refresh frequency.

Between Summer and Fall on Roosevelt Island

Amy and I went to the M Street Southwest DMV Saturday morning, and had a much easier time there than we’d had at the Georgetown DMV the previous day. Afterward we went on a little hike around Theodore Roosevelt Island. Months of drought had left the soil dry, and the tide was very low, so […]

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All-Stars of the Clever Riposte – New York Times on Metafilter and DaShiv‘s photography. (tags: metafilter nyc news photography) Abraham Lincoln’s Beard. Did an 11 year old girl write a letter convincing Lincoln to grow a beard? Via growabrain. (tags: lincoln beard president history) Slashdot | AT&T Silences Criticism in New Terms of Service. DSL […]

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BlogSecurity – WordPress BlogWatch. Keeping track of WP vulnerabilities. (tags: wordpress security) Rands In Repose: The Button. Various job interviewer archetypes and finding their buttons. (tags: jobs work psychology business) Spaceflight Now | Breaking News | Opportunity rover reaches first target inside crater (tags: space mars nasa jpl rovers opportunity) Soyuz TMA-10 relocated – busy […]


All done at the DMV, yay. Having lunch now at Jackey Cafe in Chinatown. This is a lobster. Yum. (Lobster.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)


At National Memorial Baptist Church as a guest choir for a revival event. (This was on Thursday night, but only got uploaded now due to Flickr and T-Mobile MMS wonkiness.) (mo_316_.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)


This traffic message brought to you by DC DOT and drivers like you. Thank you. (Share.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

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Universe Today – Deep Impact … the Second Visit. NASA/JPL’s Stardust to be repurposed for a visit to Comet Tempel 1 to follow up on Deep Impact‘s work. (tags: space nasa jpl stardust deepimpact comet) Lake Peigneur: The Swirling Vortex of Doom. on the Lake Peigneur incident, where in 1980 an oil rig drilled […]

Pastor in the Times

In the Washington Times: “Find Christ in the least of these,” a sermon by the Rev. Dr. Jim Somerville, pastor of my church, First Baptist DC (and a co-officiant at our wedding, I might add). He doesn’t want us to treat Him any differently than we treat anyone else. He wants us to treat everyone […]

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Macworld: Mac Gems: Refresh Finder 1.1 Simple Applescript which adds a refresh button to the Mac OS X Finder window, which rather stupidly by default does not refresh in some situations when a change occurs in a folder. (tags: mac osx free applescript finder) Abandoned and Little-Known Airfields. Via Metafilter. (tags: aviation airport usa photos […]