New .info Spam Run

The site’s been getting lightly hit at intervals by a series of spam comments and referrers using multiple drug-based subdomains prefixed to a fix set of rotating .info domains. Pretty common and predictable spam strategy, and still just a few hits so far, but it may start ramping up, so those of you who want to keep the spam off your logs and entries, just add these domains to your keyword and URL blacklists:,,,,,,

As far as I can tell, the spoofed traffic is being generated by some black-hat SEO package called Bucksogen, but I’m not too sure about that because their site is in Russian or Belarusian or Estonian or something.


  1. Or you could just use Akismet

    and not have to worry about Spam.

  2. Paulo says:

    Akismet is a plug-in for trackback and comment filtering; I’m talking about *referrer spam* as well, which Akismet doesn’t work for. Also, MT’s default spam filtering has been working to block this current spam run just fine.