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I got Pandora a new bed to nest in a few weeks ago, a Puffy Bed on clearance at the Cleveland Park PETCO. It’s only now that she’s noticed that it exists:

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Everyone’s Gunning For YouTube. Check out that market share. Also, LOL at “Clown Co.” (tags: net video business youtube google media) Ask Metafilter – Cool stuff to do on a Nokia N95 (tags: askmetafilter nokia mobile tech) Uli’s Moose. Talking moose which randomly pops up on your Mac desktop to spout wit. Classic Mac app […]


Here’s a photo of an iPhone showing a photo of an iPhone showing a photo of me. I had to take this meta-snapshot with my N6600 camera because the iPhone photo app lacks any visible bluetooth or infrared send capability, and sending email requires setting up an account. I tried signing into Flickr but all […]


Quick, which one is soy sauce and which one is a Palm Z22? The wrong choice means dipping my sushi in Address Book. (SoyPalm.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)


This is the men’s room at Kuma Restaurant in Tenleytown. Yes, there are two toilets here, one facing the other, without any walls between them. The exact reason for this remains shrouded in mystery. (Toilets.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

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Metroblogging DC: Foggy Bottom Garden Club + Bunny Figurine. In which I find nice things in Foggy Bottom. (tags: dc foggybottom metblogs rabbits collectibles plants) NASA Mars Rover Ready For Descent Into Crater. Opportunity to enter Victoria Crater via Duck Bay. Visuals here. (tags: space mars rovers nasa jpl crater) The Immigration Bill Goes Down […]


Being something of an amateur weather enthusiast, I have a folder in my browser bookmark toolbar with links to local weather resources like Capital Weather and NWS Radar: links which I check obsessively about every fifteen seconds or so. Clicking on WXNation for DC yesterday to track approaching rain, I thought to myself, I should […]

Me as Simpsons Character

It’s not an exact match, but that’s my style of dress almost to a tee. Simpsons archetypes are so fun to project oneself onto. Go to the Simpsons Movie website and look for the "Create an Avatar" feature. Found via Kottke and Megnut. Brilliant film marketing right there: s a bit of postmodern “giving” to […]

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Team System : Setting up a Subversion Server under Windows. Via Danelope. (tags: subversion windows) Top 10 Ways to Repel Mosquitoes (Low Tech Style) (tags: home outdoor insects) Complaints: Royal Caribbean Cruise Was A Royal Disaster – Consumerist. Pool’s closed! (tags: cruise travel customerservice) Giant microwave turns plastic back to oil – earth – 26 […]


It’s one of those days when you can tell my hairline is starting on its way to an inevitable future of recession. (Hairline.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)