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New[er] Job – Update

My new workplace has an employee weblog policy which, in addition to the usual disclaimers about conflicts of interest, opinions expressed not necessarily representing those of my employers, and not posting during work hours, also states that I should not mention here on my weblog the name of the news magazine I am working for. […]


A morning exodus of walkers from Foggy Bottom to Georgetown via K Street. (KStWalk.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)


We haven’t had a cat photo for a while, so here’s Pandora sleeping with wild abandon in my video rocker. I was worried she’d be really stressed out by the transition of moving, but it hasn’t been a problem for her at all. She’s liking the new place a lot, spending most of her time […]

New[er] Job

Remember the new job? Yesterday was my last day there. What happened, you ask? Well, about a week into my two-week stint as a graphic design freelancer, I got a call. From here a prestigious news magazine. Yeah. They had gotten my resumé and apparently I was a strong candidate for a tech producer position. […]

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Foisted on His Own Leotard | By Farther Steps On Hitchens, Wilson, and “God is not Great.” (tags: atheism faith philosophy books) Twinkie, Deconstructed. “A pop-science journey into the surprising ingredients found in dozens of common packaged foods, using the Twinkie label as a guide.” (tags: food health books) Spaceflight Now | Breaking News | […]


Bite my shiny metal building. (reference) (Bender.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

links for 2007-04-26

Smithsonian Will Charge For Butterfly Pavilion. Museum of Natural History’s new permanent butterfly exhibit will have a $5 entrance fee. (tags: dc smithsonian museum insects news money) Genealogy of Alpin, King of Scotland. From here you can trace his roots right back to Aoife. (tags: genealogy scotland history) Pliny and Trajan on the Christians. Famous […]

links for 2007-04-25

“In the Year 2000…” 19th Century German postcards showing Victiorian visions of the future. Also see “In the Year 2000.” (tags: history retro fun graphics) Fast Food: Ads Vs. Reality. (tags: food advertising photos) No, Wi-Fi isn’t a “Health Time Bomb.” Sensationalist media fearmongers can’t tell the difference between ionizing and low-level non-ionizing radiation. (tags: […]

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DHTML Site – 10 Free CSS and Javascript Calendars (tags: css js development free tools) Grand Vision for National Harbor Takes Form – “The Awakening” is being moved from Hains Point to the new National Harbor. (tags: dc nationalharbor art sculpture awakening) John Kelly – Answer Man: A Giant in Limbo – John […]

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Sri Lanka – Signs of a different place. Dave posts funny signs from Sri Lanka, including elephant and hornet warnings. (tags: fun sign srilanka) Ladies Home Journal 1900: What May Happen in the Next Hundred Years. Some predictions are spot on, others not so much. Beet-big peas, for example. (tags: retro history science) DC Metroblogging: […]