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Weekend With Amy Feb 2006

Amy came to DC for the weekend. We watched Galaxy Quest and LOST reruns, checked out North Pacific Native Art, viewed Da Vinci’s De Benci, and browsed the protomodern anachronisms of Dada. Also, at church, our anthem was Carolyn Jennings’s “Climb to the Top of the Highest Mountain,” and after worship, Amy and I went […]

links for 2006-02-27

Project 4. New independent art gallery in the U Street area. (tags: dc art design) MC Hammer Blog. Yes, that MC Hammer. (tags: blogs music culture) Genndy Tartakovsky directing Dark Crystal sequel. Yes, that Genndy Tartakovsky. (tags: film cartoons) Massively Multiplayer Pong. Guess what internet trolls like to do with this game! (tags: community games […]

EDSA 1986 History

Ah, but enough of dwelling on the grim and cynical realities of Philippine politics! As they say, it’s the study of history which keeps us from repeating the mistakes of the past, so to history we go! Take a look at this wonderfully detailed timeline of the 1986 EDSA Revolution, featuring hour by hour updates […]

EDSA 1986 + 20

Today (more like yesterday, given the time difference) in the Philippines, it is the 20th anniversary of the ousting of dictator Ferdinand Marcos by the EDSA People Power Revolution. Sadly, the celebration has been marred, not only by the attempts at a military coup, not only by the draconian measures taken by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo […]

links for 2006-02-25

Sushi. The Japanese Tradition. Oh man. Oh man oh man. This video is great. There’s just so much I didn’t know about sushi culture, like the angles of entry and the plate of salt. Maa maa maa, Oh toh toh toh toh. (tags: japan sushi food video fun) Klingons For Christ Jesus. Why would Klingons […]

links for 2006-02-24

Old photo of a B747 landing at Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport. Frequent pilots and flyers to Hong Kong before 1998, remember this harrowing approach? (tags: aviation china hongkong airport) Hong Kong Kai Tak IGS 13 Approach – Google Video. Video montage (made from flight simulation screenshots and live action footage) of the infamous Kai […]

Google Pages

LOOKIT IS TEH BROWNPAU GOOGLE PAGE! So Google Pages gives you 100MB of free HTML and image hosting, a WYSIWYG editor with limited HTML coding capability and themability, and a subdomain. The markup produced isn’t so great, though: lots of crufty tag soup with deprecated elements and invalid code. For me, it’s just part […]

links for 2006-02-23

The Billion Tunes Counter. A more accurate hack of the iTunes Billion Song Countdown. (tags: apple music fun promo) TEAMS Middle English Texts. Medieval texts via the Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages. (tags: medieval history literature) 365 Tomorrows. One short science fiction story per day. (tags: scifi stories writing) MyAyala: But everybody […]

links for 2006-02-22

A Mozart-free zone in 2006. The Austrian province of Styria declared iself a “Mozart-free Zone” for some relief from the Mozart “overkill” taking the rest of the country by storm. Mozart will still be played, but not to excess. (tags: music mozart austria fun news) Magnatune Classical Selection. I listen to the Magnatune Classical station […]

Photo Retrospective: Mantis Shrimp

(Mantis Shrimp, uploaded by brownpau.) My brother took this with a Canon Powershot A70 on our diving trip to Verde Island in December 2004. It’s a mantis shrimp, or a stomatopod. Here’s what stomatopods look like in their larval stage. More just-uploaded photos of Christmas 2004 to New Year 2005: JFK-DXB-MNL, Christmas in Manila 2004, […]