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Notorious Jet

Do you recognize this plane? Look closer. You may have seen it in another picture in the past. Yes, it’s the plane from the Tourist Guy photo. He’s been getting around a lot these past few years.

Crowded Platform

Metro Center. With the possible exception of the Smithsonian Metro stop on a summer weekend afternoon, this is the most crowded I’ve ever seen a Metro platform. Photo taken with a Palm Zire 71.

Multiple Pipes

I’m not sure why, but there is something strangely disturbing, in a dark and Geiger-ish way, about the arrangement of all the dryer exhaust pipes in the laundry room. Photo taken with a Palm Zire 71.


An amusing caption at an educational exhibit on plants in the National Botanical Garden. Photo taken with a Palm Zire 71.

Let’s Roll

Spirit has rolled onto Mars. Update: Heh, check out Google’s logo. I’ve grabbed and grafted some stereo images from Spirit’s raw gallery and made a couple of wiggle animations: navcam looking back at lander, front hazcam shot.

Unwanted Irony

I’m still recovering from a mild virus that hitched back with me from the Philippines, and my lungs have been giving up their dead for about a week now. Last night, I cracked open a bottle of store-brand Tussin syrup (cough suppresant) and quickly chugged down two teaspoons. A few drops took the wrong route, […]


Speaking of postmodern Christianity, Alex Arnold has a series of posts on just that topic. (And a side note: when you write “postmodern” as its hip abbreviation, “PoMo,” be sure to capitalize that “M.” With some fonts, “pomo” looks just a bit too much like another word.)

Just One?

To answer a question Amy asked me last week: one megapixel. That’s the resolution of the panoramic camera aboard Spirit. The secret to those pretty Mars pictures, however, is flawless lenses and larger CCD sensors.


Garver demonstrates intertextual relations via Scripture viewed through the lens of modern allusion. I’m not a big fan of “postmodern” Christianity with its insistence on over-sacramentalizing popular culture, but the illustrated intertextualization is an excellent demonstration of Scripture working similarly within its original context: referencing culturally relevant motifs of the day to present a familiar […]