Deconvolve This

“diffract fluffy dodecahedron

bolshevist heretofore fondle astronaut

compulsory biracial germantown

covert eskimo material



Welcome to spam’s new can: “hash-busting”: long strings of randomized words which spammers send to try and confound your mail application’s spam filters. Joke’s on them, of course. Mail filters don’t just hash out specific words, they also check other indicators, like header info, linked images, and word patterns. (Word patterns like, oh, say, hash-buster strings?) And the more junk the spammers use to embed their pitches, the less likely that these pitches will be understood by those poor people who still believe them. Hopefully this is where the strategy self-destructs.

Random text strings found from a Filipino cult group whose mailing list has been completely overrun with spam.

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