Congrats, Vic and Czari!

Baptism was cool. (I mean that literally. The water was freezing!) Now I have plus-Baptism Credits, so I won’t need to get baptized at any other Bible Baptist churches again. So unless Reformed churches require an extra sprinkling, I think I’ve gotten my denominational baptism bases covered — including my own Roman Catholic baptism as a baby. ^^,

Afterwards, I joined Ada, Shirley, and Butch for the two hour drive to Clark Airbase, and we attended a very happy wedding — followed by a very good buffet reception at Holiday Inn. I got to meet a lot of old friends, made a rather egregious social faux pas, and got home so exhausted I didn’t even have the energy to shower before dropping into bed.

I spent the morning defrosting the freezer with a large knife. Now I urgently need to make an AFDB. (Thanks for the tip, Doug! Those psychotronic beams will never get me now…)