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RCC Discussion

Saved from an old thread when I still had a PHP forum on my site. Krissy (The Catholic side, scroll down for my response) Huh. I guess the part that bothered me was his comment on “there is NO DOUBT that a TRUE Christian WILL eventually leave the Church! It’s not a question of IF […]

Christianity and Harry Potter

Via Ganns, a Breakpoint interview with Connie Neal, author of What’s a Christian to Do with Harry Potter? There’s an interesting reference to the Old Testament story of Daniel: “I recently pointed my children to the prophet Daniel in the Old Testament. He was taken away from his family when he was an adolescent and […]

Nida Blanca pics

Update: The pictures are no longer at the linked location, and that’s probably a good thing. Let her rest in peace. For pictures, please refer to a Google image search for Nida Blanca. I understand that a lot of people have come to my site looking for Nida Blanca murder pictures. I don’t have any, […]

Wormy Milo

Ladies and gentlemen, Raffy is in da house!!! And guess how his blog design scheme works… ;) (Cue funky trance music.) Well, it’s been quite a wormy day. As I was coming home from church early this afternoon, I stopped at the village vending machine for a ten peso cup of Milo. (If you don’t […]

Blogged by Evhead

Ooh, no wonder my hit count leapt to over a hundred uniques per hour: Evan Williams blogged me! Now my head’s big.

Average Day

One year since ex-president Joseph Estrada’s impeachment, and not all is well. When we ousted the Corrupt Incompetent earlier this year, it was hoped that the country would learn from the tribulations of its recent history and begin a path towards mature socio-political improvement. That has not happened. Loyalists from the Marcos/Estrada establishment continue to […]


Although I work in DVD production, with MPEG-2-specific encoding/authoring equipment and software, a lot of our projects are requests for VCD’s and plain MPEG-1 and AVI files. Since MPEG-2 is relatively new on the digital video scene, and with the DVD industry as protective as it is, the format tends to be rather hostile toward […]

Leonids this weekend!

Leonids this weekend! I hope we get clear skies here in the Philippines. I love meteor showers. Even if you’re not watching for them, you can still spot incidental meteors all through the night until early morning. I still remember the Leonids two years ago: I was just heading for the Sucat bus stop at […]

Brownpau’s Cost-Cutting Tips

Brownpau’s Cost-Cutting Tips: – In a city where you can’t get a decent takeout rice meal for less than P60, sidewalk vendors are a life-saver. Aling Pacita, across the road from my office, can give you a full meal of pork chop and pinakbet with rice for just P40. (But be sure to have your […]

The “Mater’s” Name

Closing hymn at morning service today was “Call on the Master’s Name,” but there was a typo on the transparency, so the first line read, “Call on the Mater’s Name.” *heretical Romanist giggle*