Wormy Milo

Ladies and gentlemen, Raffy is in da house!!! And guess how his blog design scheme works… ;) (Cue funky trance music.)

Well, it’s been quite a wormy day. As I was coming home from church early this afternoon, I stopped at the village vending machine for a ten peso cup of Milo. (If you don’t know what Milo is, just replace every “Milo” from here on with “Ovaltine.”) As I took the first gulp, I noticed a pulpy fragment on my tongue. Thinking it was just residual undissolved chocolate, I spit it out. Next gulp, however, I was mildly annoyed to discover more of the stuff. As I spit it out as well, I inspected the drink more closely.

Only then did I see the tiny worms wriggling about in the chocolate foam.

Well, that certainly makes one’s day, doesn’t it? I spit out whatever was left in my mouth, tossed the unclean cup in the garbage, and ran back to my apartment to gargle generous mouthfuls of Astring-O-Sol.

As for the one-fourth cup I swallowed, I think my hardy Filipino stomach, strengthened by cooked pig blood and raw fish, should be resilient enough to kill the little buggers.

More worms appeared in my life as I was taking out the trash. The inside of the trash bag was crawling with fruit flies and maggots. Bleh.

But enough of these worms. We had an excellent sermon at afternoon service today, on Enoch and his walk with God. Interesting, isn’t it, how Scripture says of Adam, Seth, Enosh, Mahalalel, and Jared each, “he died.” But when it came to Enoch, it says, quite specifically, “Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.” Not “he died” also, but rather, that Enoch walked so close with God, that God “took him away.”

And why was he taken away, rather than made to taste death? The writer of Hebrews tells us it was by faith: “And without faith it is impossible to please God.”


Oh yes, I forgot to mention: Speaking of Milo, did you hear Erap was asked to be Milo spokesperson? They asked him to make an acronym for MILO to show why he liked it so much. “Ah, alam ko,” sabi ni Erap. “Masarap Inumin, Lasang Ovaltine.”