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NameZero Cancelling

I got email from Namezero today; they’re ending free service and requiring paid renewal. I’m a bit disappointed that their original free-for-life domain service didn’t last, but I’m not mad at them. This economic downturn is hurting everyone. I can live without the address, and I don’t plan on buying it. So, please update […]

Caffeine High

Having just finished sipping a tall iced cinnamon mocha with an extra shot of espresso, I am now floating in a pleasantly caffeinated haze of workaholic activity. Whew! Another Flash site done, this one for my company web page. Wanna check it out? (I was inspired by the simply unmatchable GUI design of Neostream.) Are […]

Filipino Summer

The Philippine summer is here, which means that from March to June, outside temperatures will be 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, with a hot sun beating down mercilessly from a cloudless sky. An average humidity of one hundred percent doesn’t help much. It was oppressively muggy in my room this afternoon, but a nice breeze […]

Clone Jesus?

By now you’ve probably heard about the Second Coming Project to clone Jesus Christ, right? Well, this just in from those ever-loveable Snopes: The Clone Jesus website is nothing but a HOAX. That’s right. It’s a publicity stunt designed to boost the sales of an underground compilation of neo-futurist literature. Put that in your test […]

On Biblical Literalism

One of the complaints commonly levelled against us born-again Christians is that we take the Bible too literally. Reading some Realm of Thought threads, and having perused some Christian literature and some material by Eli Soriano (He’s a local cult leader.), I’ve gotten to thinking a bit … (I rarely think more than a bit. […]

Mir Down 2

I’m watching live Mir coverage on CNN. About twenty minutes ago, their reporter in Fiji saw bright flaming fragments of the station soar overhead, plunging through the atmosphere, followed by a sonic boom several minutes later. At 2.00 pm Philippine time, (0600 GMT) what was left of Mir crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

Mir Down

The space station Mir is on its way down today, rockets pushing it out of orbit, approaching a fiery re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. Farewell, then, to one of humanity’s first baby steps into outer space. Now I must stop procrastinating and get back to work.

Scuba Diving in Anilao

I went scuba diving in Anilao with the family last weekend. (FYI, you non-Filipinos, Anilao is a coastal region in Batangas province, south of Manila, well-known worldwide for its diving attractions.) Starting from last weekend, I’ll be logging — and blogging! — my dives, largely in preparation for our planned trip to Palau this summer. […]


She was huddled up on the steps, so thin you could see every bone in her body. Ants and parasites were swarming all over her, but she had no strength to shake or brush them off. Her eyes, sticky with crusts, were swollen shut: from infection or insect bites, I don’t know. Barely alive. She […]

First CGI Guestbook

Yay! I just successfully set up my first CGI guestbook. It’s over at Electromedia. (Okay, I admit, I downloaded and tweaked the script from Matt’s Script Archive.) I’ll be using the same script for future guestbooks, so I can get off ALX already. :) Do go and look the site over, please! I need feedback.