Augmented Reality Curiosity

Speaking of Curiosity, JPL has made Spacecraft 3D, an augmented reality app for iOS that projects a simulated Mars rover onto your camera view. Just print out the 3D marker (embedded in the app and emailable from there as a PDF), place it on a flat surface, and point the camera at it with the app running.

Here’s Curiosity reading about itself in Air and Space Magazine’s “Occupy Mars” issue:

Curiosity Rover in Spacecraft 3D app

And here’s Curiosity with Pandora the Cat. Note that Curiosity did NOT kill the cat, but merely scanned her:

Augmented Reality Curiosity Rover Meets Pandora

Mike Lee went a bit further and printed the 3D marker on a giant 36×60″ poster sheet at Fedex. So the augmented reality Mars rover he got in his driveway is just about life-size:

More spacecraft in my driveway: Mars Curiosity Rover

More of Mike Lee’s Spacecraft3D photos here. The app also does other famous NASA/JPL spacecraft.

In case you missed it, here’s that iOS app download link again: Spacecraft 3D. And here’s JPL’s official press release on it from July: NASA 3-D App Gives Public Ability to Experience Robotic Space Travel.