Weekend Recap

It’s been extra-busy lately, so this quick general entry about last weekend comes a bit late.

Amy and I went to the AteneoDC alumni picnic on Saturday, which was more of an indoor potluck, probably due to the heat. Many friends from Ateneo whom I had lost track are suddenly here in the DC area — Colayco Hall pub-roomers, Greenhills carpool buddies, and a grade school classmate — and it was good to get together with them all along with the older folks around a table of rice, lechon, and Mang Tomas Sauce.

On Sunday, I skipped choir at church for the second week in a row to acquaint myself with procedure in the sound booth in case extra people are needed to manage sound during worship. Mixers are awesome.

After church we dropped by the Sackler Gallery to check out Encompassing the Globe, a multi-gallery exhibit on Portugal’s colonial and missionary exploits in the Age of Exploration. We also dropped by the National Gallery to see Private Treasures: Four Centuries of European Master Drawings and Fabulous Journeys and Faraway Places: Travels on Paper, 1450-1700.

In a later post, I’ll link to some of the artifacts and artwork that caught my eye at the museums. I’m also working on an entry about the Sackler/Portugal exhibit for DC Metroblogging.