Buzz Buzzed

I knew something was up when the hits on WWTQ/Buzz suddenly took a huge jump — also generating a ton of secondary hits to this site. The hits were pouring in from Stavros The Wonder Chicken’s Bullshitr, which, it turns out, had been thoroughly Dugg,’ed, Hot Linked, Fireballed, Reddited, TechCrunched, and generally linked to from all over.

What with all the attention, I figured Buzz needed a slight update, so I added a few phrases to the buzz list, changed the font to Lucida Grande / Trebuchet MS (Note: 1.1em Trebuchet MS is the new 11px Verdana), and published the PHP code I use to do the typographic remixing so other people can do their own versions of Buzz. Hope you like it. It’s the wave of tomorrow. 2.0!


  1. daniel says:

    Yes, I saw the link to Buzz when I visited Bullsh*tr via TechCrunch. It says something different now but yesterday it said that yours was better.

    I agree with you on Trebuchet MS. I just used it on a mock-up the other day. :)