Bilin at Pasalubong

Bilin: stuff your Filipino family and friends ask you to buy for them while you’re abroad. Also see pasalubong: things you bring home from a trip for friends or family. (They pay for bilin, but pasalubongs are free.)

Update: one more term I forgot — Padala: stuff to deliver from one member of the family abroad to another member of the family at home.


  1. Sansan says:

    Do I get a pasalubong as well? :) Hi Tito! When will you be back?

    I’ve been looking through your links, my Philo teacher is your friend, hehe.

    Will see you soon I guess. Take care!

  2. Paulo says:

    Well, if you want bilin, be sure to tell my mom by next week. :D

  3. Sansan says:

    Hahaha, no bilins, but Christmas gifts would be nice. ;) Your whole family was in Cypress earlier today for Sunday lunch. Your dad, your mom, Jung, Javi, Francis.. also Uno, Steph and Francis’ girlfriend. :D