The good news is that Zend Studio, an excellent Java-based PHP development environment, runs smooth and fast on MacOS X. The bad news is that it forgets your preferences and key bindings as soon as you exit, so that you have to set them again and remember not to Command-Q when you’re done working.


  1. Owen says:

    Just a beautiful minimal design here. And, even though Ganns could not see the “Attractive design, conveys blogger’s personality and uniqueness.” in gooddogbaddog.ca (Luva Ganns) I still want to pass you the biscuit for a blog beautiful.

    I’ll be back – and that alone is one of the pluses of so-called Awards as we chance to meet new folks.



  2. Owen says:

    Ohmygosh, it changes. Well, I vote for the blue straw with the white background. That’s the design I was referring too.



  3. Wyclif says:

    I believe there’s a fix for this, but since I don’t use Zend, I’d have to check and see if it’s been reported as a bug.