The Tragic Ineptitude of the English Male

“The Tragic Ineptitude of the English Male.” A rather nasty article. What do you English bloggers say about this?

Update, June 2008: Almost six years later, this old throwaway weblog entry seems to be enjoying some measure of search engine popularity on the news that McLaren has written up a screenplay for a Canadian TV show on the topic. I failed to opine on McLaren’s musings back in 2002, so I should probably throw in my two pence now: her experience was anecdotal, her arguments were made from fictional media, and little of what she wrote was of any worth. The upcoming TV show will probably be similarly unfair, which means it should be quite funny.

“It’s kind of like Sex in the City meets Bridget Jones.”

Or maybe not.


  1. Ben (UK) says:

    It takes quite a confident person to right about their lack of success with the opposite sex. It’s a bit of a cop out to blame it on the other gender. A flip side to the coin of English men don’t know how to date, would be to say that Canadian women don’t know how to get the interest of English men. That said, I guess she probably has a point.

  2. Richard says:

    Oh gosh. Leah McLaren wrote this? Puhlease! (I’m about to step out, and haven’t read the linked piece, but will when I get back).

    My opinion of the author? She claims to have limited dating experience, but you know what? That’s a load of —-. She has no idea, NO IDEA, what having limited dating experience is like.

  3. nick says:

    Leah McLaren is the home of evil. That is the reason us British guys stayed away from her. We can sense the evil. As for your girlfriend pau… :-)

  4. Wyclif says:

    Although I find some of Leah’s complaints strained, I think she does have a point about the boarders. Also, “the lads” seem to be unable to, uh, do anything w/o copious amounts of drink, which women find off-putting. She says she’s been dating doctors and lawyers, but it sounds more like football hooligans.

  5. Nick says:

    No Wyclif, the problem was that she was dating doctors and laywers. Especially in their student guises they’re well known to be the rowdiest, most inebriated load of wastrels. She should’ve dated nice young humanities students, like me.

  6. Paulo says:

    Let’s hear it for humanities students! Perhaps the article should have been called “The Tragic Ineptitude of Leah McLaren”

  7. Ralph says:

    For anyone who is from Canada (like I am), will know how much Leah McLaren is disliked and ridiculed for her senseless, self-absorbed columns and “articles.” Her tragic ineptitude piece of filth should be thrown in the trash along with the rest of her work.

  8. rosie says:

    Leah McLaren is the most self-serving, narcisisstic writer I have ever met. I don’t know why the Globe wastes valuable news space by publishing her trash.

  9. pete says:

    Leah McLaren will be the downfall of Western Civilization. I used to skip over her columns when I was reading my Saturday “Globe” but after a few months, I was amazed that she hadn’t disappeared. I now read them out of some bizarre masochistic desire to reach my weekly intake of aneurysm-inducing anger. She is so inane, her colums so devoid of anything resembling news, and yet she glories in her yuppie lifestyle. It makes me want to hit things. She must be stopped. If I have to listen to one more week of this vapid, air-headed mcjournalist harp on about men, shopping or her apparently “uberhip” life, I think my brain might start dribbling out of my ears.

    Thank you.